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underwater photography by Martin Strmiska

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Since I was born I have been in very close relation with water. Salt water helped me snorkel even before I could swimm. Later I started scubadiving in 1995 in Rabac/Croatia. Although I had an idea what a beauty is down there from snorkeling times, scubadiving opened my eyes even more. First contact with waters of Red Sea made me get an underwater camera to save views of this beauty. Sea&Sea Motor Marine II had been my partner for several years and finaly died in sudaneese waters in 2002. Though its viefinder I explored reefs of Yemen, Sudan, Egypt. Advanges of digital technology were an impulse to buy an Olympus 4040zoom. Having done this I went though the door to digital world and have not come back. For over 2 years I have been using Nikon D70, which delivers pleasing results in combination with quality interchangable lenses.